EASA Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance License Engineering Examinations are conducted in cooperation with AIR-TECH Bildung GmbH, Germany with outstations located in INDIA and SRI LANKA.

AIR-TECH Bildung is an EASA Part 147 approved training organization with the Approval No. DE 147.0014.

All the exams are closely monitored and conducted in accordance with the European Aviation Safety Agency requirements and standards.
Modular short courses are available for the students who require assistance before the exams. Please refer to the timetable for details.

AIR–TECH Bildung Germany
is recognized by the CAA GERMANY (Luftfahrt-Bundesamt) as an EASA Part 147 approved training organization, constitutes Annex IV with Article 11 of EC Regulation 216/2008, AIR-TECH Bildung GmbH is approved in accordance with this part. The CAA UK is legally obliged to accept any certificates issued by this organization for the license and should be recognized across all member states
















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